In 1970, Baxter Loe, an Amarillo businessman and preacher went on a short-term mission trip to India.

While in India, Baxter met a preacher named John Abraham. The country was suffering from extreme poverty and John told Baxter of the dire needs of his people. He even shared his own personal need for food to care for his family.

When Baxter heard of John's situation, he promised that he would help him out with food in the future.

After returning from India, Baxter quickly got caught up in his normal life in the United States. After a while, he remembered his promise to John Abraham and called to get information on how to send him money for food.

Baxter was greeted with four words: 'John Abraham is dead.'

John had starved to death anticipating that his aid would soon arrive.

Baxter began having nightmares of John Abraham’s death. He was haunted by the thought of John waiting for the gift that never came.

After many troubled nights, Baxter decided that God was calling him to support the orphaned children of John Abraham. And he did.

But John’s children were not enough. He continued to find support for more children in India, Central America, Africa, and all over the world.

Baxter founded Christian Relief Fund in 1971. Since then, CRF sponsors have supported thousands of children in more than 30 countries. 


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