Child Sponsorship
Through the support of individual sponsors, CRF provides for the intellectual, physical, spiritual and social needs of thousands of children worldwide.

Family Feeding
CRF is providing for the health and nutritional needs of families on five continents.

CRF supports schools in many countries around the world.
These schools educate children who have no other opportunity to go to school.  Our support covers cost of children's tuition, construction of school buildings and teacher salaries.

CRF operates medical clinics worldwide including India and Kenya.  In many of these areas, the CRF clinic is the only medical care available.

Emergency Relief
This year alone, CRF has provided food, shelter and medical care to thousands affected by natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, Kenya, Sudan and the United States.

Bible Distribution
CRF knows that the eternal hope for humanity is Jesus Christ.  We have given thousands of Bibles to people in Africa and Eastern Europe who previously did not have one of their own.


CRF Helps Children and Families in almost 30 Countries Worldwide

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