Write Your Child

Sponsored children are filled with joy when they receive a letter from their sponsor. We want to encourage you to write to your child frequently
in order to develop this lasting relationship.

Some Guidelines for Writing:

1.  Include your first and last name.

2.  Write your Child's correct ID number
           - all letters and numbers - 
(Incorrect IDs can send your letter to the wrong place.)

3.  Write your Child's Complete Name.
     Many children have the same first names.

4.  Do not include any contact information - address, email, Facebook, etc.

Two Ways to Write your Child:

ONLINE - Submit your letter via the following form.
We'll send your letter on to your child.


OFFLINE - You can download and use our helpful letter-writing stationery or use your own.

Just make sure to include your Child's Full Name, ID Number and Your Name (first and last) - and mail your letter to:

Christian Relief Fund
PO Box 19670
Amarillo, TX 79114

Thank you for your faithful sponsorship. You are transforming lives through your example of Christ's love.

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Christian Relief Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations are tax deductible.  800.858.4038.  Box 19670, Amarillo, TX  79114