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Name: Iyvone Chepkwemoi
Age: 12
ID: KBS0285
Gender: Female
Location: Mt. Elgon area, Kenya

When Iyvone was a baby, she was in a terrible road accident. Both of her parents were killed, but Iyvone survived without injury. Iyvone’s grandmother took her and gave her enough milk to survive infancy, raising Iyvone up to be a little girl of her own, but now Iyvone’s grandmother is very elderly. She cannot work and Iyvone often must go hungry.

Your sponsorship will be the answer to the prayers of Iyvone’s grandmother. This family has struggled and grieved, but you will give them new hope. Your sponsorship will give Iyvone nourishing food, basic medical care, clothing, and education. You will also give Iyvone spiritual training so she can grow up learning about Jesus.