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Name: Jones Mulbah
Age: 8
ID: MC145
Gender: Male
Location: Crozierville, Liberia

Jones’s father abandoned his family. Since Jones’s mother has no job and no source of income, they live in a mud hut with 19 other people. So many people in Crozierville have no jobs, no homes, no food. There is certainly no money for school fees, clothes or medical bills. When the headmaster of the Christian school selected Jones to attend before he had a sponsor, Jones felt blessed. Now he needs a sponsor so he can STAY in school – and also so he can see a doctor because his back hurts ALL the time.

When you sponsor Jones, he will have his school and doctor fees paid, school clothes and good food, and he will be learning about his Savior who healed the sick and fed the hungry. Jones will see the hands of Jesus in your sponsorship.