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Name: Livensky Simon
Age: 17
ID: HPJ005
Gender: Male
Location: Cap Haitien, Haiti

Partial Orphan – Livensky lost his father back in 2007 when he was just a young boy. Livensky has been on his own for a while because his mother could not provide for him. He was able to reach 5th grade level in school before he started roaming the streets of Cap Haitien. Livensky thought he had found paradise when he came to Place of Joy. It was a good shelter with other children who were in the same situation as he was – alone. But there was no food.

With your sponsorship, Livensky can receive regular meals, schooling, and medical help when he needs it. He can also learn about our loving Savior who cares for him. You will be giving him hope for the first time!