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MC151 MARYANN JAMES  - website
Name: Maryann James
Age: 12
ID: MC151
Gender: Female
Location: Crozierville, Liberia

Maryann’s life is stuck in a downward cycle of poverty. Her parents are jobless, as are most people in her rural village. The only food they have is what they can grow in their old garden plot. She is malnourished and suffers from headaches and colds.

BUT – she was selected to attend the Christian School in Crozierville, hoping that she will get a sponsor through CRF. She is going to school now, but needs a sponsor to pay for the state-required supplies, uniforms and fees.

Your sponsorship would be a beacon of hope in Maryann’s life. She would be able to STAY in school! And she would receive nourishing food, basic medical care when needed, and training in the Word of God at school and at church. For just $35 a month, you can help Maryann overcome that cycle of poverty.