Milton Jones – President/CEO
Kevin Wasner – Executive Director
Bobby Moore – VP of Global Operations
Andrew Brown – VP of Strategic Growth and Marketing
Madrene Talley – Controller/Accounting
Niki Brown – Creative Director
Karen Talley – Child Placement
Barbie Jones – Donor Relations
Rosie Palmer – Child Placement, Latin America
Emily Bell – Child Placement, Kenya
Monica Cearley – Donor Communications
Julie Castillo – Accounting
Gaye Reeves – Accounting
Nicole Gutierrez – Executive Assistant to President
Gayle Biggers – Executive Assistant/NRH Office Manager

The Christian Relief Fund Board of Trustees is composed of Christian men and women who deeply care about missions and benevolence.

Milton Jones – President
Ashley Hunter – Vice-President
Isaul Verdin – Secretary
Danny Troublefield – Treasurer
Jim Barnett
Mike Biggers

Rick Chandler
Eric Dahl
Scott Gage
Julie Rawlins
Scott Sager
Audie Waite